Tuesday, 31 July 2012

'Sherwood Christmas Contemporary Craft Fair' November 17th 2012

For the 7th year running the Sherwood Christmas Contemporary Craft Fair is to be held at The Place, Melrose Street, Sherwood.

How it all began…

In 2004 a group of creative Mums regularly met to practice our crafts and encourage one another. In 2005 with anticipation we “tried our luck” at selling our wares and were amazed at what a lovely, local and popular event it had turned out to be.

And now…

With the size of the event growing over the years, our aim is to lose nothing of the warm and sociable, buzz that naturally occurs whilst continuing to provide an outlet for the many talented makers in our area.

The premises provide a large and smaller room and a wall for hanging 2D art. As in recent years, we have the space in the courtyard for more makers with covered market stalls provided. With food and drinks for sale the occasion will be an opportunity for people to spend time browsing and Christmas shopping in a relaxed atmosphere.

The 2012 prices are £33 for an indoor space and £28 for an outside space.

As always we are looking for new and exciting work alongside the established names with as many craft disciplines as possible to keep the event fresh and unique.

Our criteria is that the work is locally hand crafted and is of high quality and that if you are successful, it is only your work that you sell.

Once again, the co-ordinating team is Sophie Robins and Rachel Ainley, and we will welcome all applicants to apply by September 22nd 2012.