Rachel Ainley
Textile Artist whose work is thematically linked with natural motifs
Kit Anderson
Original photography on ceramics using the Gum-Bichromate process

Vanessa Banks
Homemade cakes and Christmas cakes

Kirsty Barnard
Crochet Jewellery

Jayne Batty
Jewellery with semi precious stones

Clare Brewer

Katrine Brosnan
Prints and illustrations
Ali Brusby
Eileen Butler
Unique hand-crafted textile lamps and glass lanterns
0115 910 7436

Sandy Bywater
Ceramic lighting and lanterns

Sally Cotterill
Textile handbags, framed pictures, cards & cases
0115 910 9763

Anna Dixon
Herbs and preserves

Trish Evans
Knitting, crochet and textiles

Sarah Filmer

Catherine Foley
Felted, hand-knitted bags and gifts

Fizgig Glass
Fused glass jewellery and gifts
Anna Collette Hunt
Delightfully odd ceramics that bewitch their audience by stirring their imagination
Helen Lamont
Felted textiles

Sarah Marston
Printed textiles and t-shirts

Karen Martyn
Hand knitted gifts

Pete Mcguire
Herbs and preserves

Molly Queen
customised decoupage

Katrin Moye Ceramics
Hand thrown table wear

Sinead Moynihan Case

Alys Power
Sophie Robins
Corrina Rothwell
Humourous digital drawings inspired by the minutiae of daily life
Hannah Sawtell
Illustrative prints and cards made using a combination of techniques including drawing, printing and collage
Helen Shere
Silver jewellery
Gina Stalley
Decorative Ceramics including animals and figures
0115 8414112
Anna Treliving
Textile artist
07803 586801
Christina Williams

Emma Williams
07754 068328

Louise Williams
Mixed media and ceramics

Hannah Wroe
07799 074426